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With savings of about $6000, and a dream of backpacking around the world, I left Canada to fly to Iceland in May 1977 at the age of 23, after finishing my Master’s Degree in International Relations at Carleton University, and having worked a series of jobs to help fund the trip.

I had hoped to go overland across Asia, then find some work in Australia. Depending on how things worked out, I hoped to go across to New Zealand and the Pacific to South America and work my way back to Canada.

I had estimated that the trip would be a little under two years in duration. It lasted somewhat longer. After 39 months on the road, I flew back to Canada from the Dominican Republic in August 1980.

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Scandinavia MAY 1977 to LATE JULY 1977

I flew initially to Reykjavik, Iceland and stayed at the youth hostel, meeting other young backpackers, each pursuing their own dreams of travel and adventure. Almost all of my travel in the overland part of Scandinavia was by hitch-hiking. From Reykjavik, I hitched north to Akureyri and Husavik, then continued to Lake Myvatn. I had my longest wait of my entire trip trying to hitch-hike from Myvatn to Egilstaddir and Seydisfjordur – three days in total. I rolled my sleeping bag in lava craters for a few hours each night to get some sleep. On the third day, hungry and in the middle of nowhere, I had decided to hitch in either direction, even back to Myvatn, to get some food. Read more ›