David Edwards at 3700 metres - Simien Mountains - Ethiopia

David Edwards at 3700 metres - Simien Mountains - Ethiopia

Born in Toronto in 1953, raised in Kingston, Ontario and now living in Ottawa, David Edwards has been backpacking internationally since 1972, when he first made a trip to Africa.

From May 1977 to August 1980 he backpacked around the world, an experience that has continued to guide him ever since. He joined the Canadian foreign service in 1981 and had a 30 year career, being posted to New Delhi, India from 1983-1985, Zambia and Zimbabwe between 1988-1991, and Cameroon from 1997-2000.

He recently retired from the government of Canada and is continuing to travel. A combination of geographic curiosity, a spirit of adventure and enjoyment of photography has led him to set up this website for others who might be interested.

“The world is a fascinating place and we are only on it once. Why not experience the many wonders it has to offer.”